GOAL >> No Words

Deaf and hard of hearing friends have different comprehension level of written language. Some probably read and write better than you do. I have met many who do so better than I do.

On the other hand many deaf find written language difficult. It was not made for the deaf.

This website IS “made for the deaf.”

Although there will be some writing on this website in Mandarin Chinese, English, and Japanese, most of this website uses emoticons as navigation language. And as much as possible it gives definitions using video clips and pictures.

Also, because this website is made for the deaf, the focus is on looking up signs based on the elements of the sign (hands, fingers, face, movement). In this way it is very different from the other dictionaries out there which are English to ASL, or Chinese to CSL, or Chinese to Taiwanese sign language (TSS), or Japanese to JSL.

This dictionary is CSL to CSL, TSS to TSS, etc.

Also we have a working method of going from CSL to TSS, or CSL to JSL, etc. using the ⇄ tag.

If you are wanting to learn a sign language, the sign language learner app that I am developing can be a help. (unfortunately haven’t gotten very far in developing it yet though. stay tuned.)

I will probably post more written guides about how to use this website in the future. But for now why not just explore.

That was a lot of words and the goal is no words, so I will stop here. 🙂


An explanation of all the lookup icons

        • ☜ 👍 thumb ✋ palm ✊ fist 👉index 🙂 head 👃 nose 👁️ eye 👅tongue 👂 ear 💪arm 👐two hands 👌ok hand 🤙 phone 🙋‍ arm 🤟
        • See about making a GIF a featured image
        • 1✋
        • 2✋✋
        • 👍
        • 👉
        • 🙂
        • 👃
        • 👁️
        • 👅
        • 👂
        • 💪
        • 👌
        • 🤙
        • 👄
        • 💍
        • 🖐
        • 🤚
        • 🤞
        • 🤘